Work with me

If you’re here…

You’re ready to claim the freedom that called you to entrepreneurship in the first place.

You’re ready to work from inspiration, creativity, and overflow, rather than fear and depletion.

You’re ready to stop doing all the things that suck your energy and start doing things in a way that fires you up.

You’re ready to pave your own way and build your business in a way that feels so aligned to who you are.

You’re ready to make an impact.

You’re ready to believe that your business can give back to you more than what you put into it.

You’re ready to trust yourself and your ability to take your life to the next level with ease.

You’re ready to invest in yourself and claim the support to make it all happen.

You’re ready.

Because of the high-touch nature of the work that I do, I only take on a limited number of clients for 1:1 work.

Everyone is different – here are some of the common things I support my clients with:

  • Tapping into their authentic vision for their business and life
  • Creating a strategy to align their life and business with their highest vision
  • Support with specific areas of their business (ie creating a quarter by quarter business strategy, creating a product suite that makes sense for their customer-journey, pitching partnerships with aligned brands, auditing their efforts to get the biggest return on their energy, revamping website copy)
  • Creating clients with ease
  • Overcoming self-doubt
  • Self-trust and intuition building
  • Identifying and working through unconscious blocks that are keeping them from reaching their next level
  • Building resilience to support them through the ups and downs of their work and life
  • Mastering their interpersonal skills for more ease in their life and business

It all comes down to connection to yourself, others, and your business and I’m here to help you strengthen all three.

Want more details?

I am currently accepting clients for fully-supportive 1:1 work.

This includes:

  1. A personalized strategic deep dive to kick off our work together
  2. Private weekly coaching calls to support you in bringing your vision to life.
  3. Asynchronous coaching – for when you have a great idea pop into your head and want to talk it through in the voice notes.
  4. Homework, experiences, resources, challenges, based on your unique needs

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