A program that helps women who have reached a career crossroads, harness their own inner clarity and step into their power, so that they can navigate next steps and create what they want with ease and confidence.

A transformational program for women who are ready to go beyond success and create a life that lights them up.

You aren’t meant for a status-quo life. 

You long for something deeper, bigger, more meaningful and you know it’s out there for you. 

It’s time to see what happens when you show up courageously for your deeper desires

It’s time to go beyond success.

The cycle of discontent

There’s a common cycle I see in my clients’ lives. It’s one that I’ve experienced, myself. It looks something like this: 

Phase 1 Discontent in career 

Phase 2 Frustration builds 

Phase 3* Start looking for an escape hatch. This can look like going back to school, starting a side business, going out more, or doubling down on work. Often comes around the New Year or your Birthday. 

Phase 4 Indecision lasts long enough for the frustration to fade. 

Phase 5 Distract yourself with activities to let off steam + occasionally vent about problems to friends. (Status Quo phase) 

Back to Phase 1 

 *Or, in phase 3 they find something that inspires them to make a leap, but because they did it from a place of “running away from” and didn’t do the work to make sure it was in alignment, they end up right back in phase 1.

There's a good chance you've already done some of the practical stuff:

  • Pros and cons lists
  • Talked to a career coach
  • Therapy
  • Read personal development books 
  • Considered going back to school
  • Gotten yet another credential/certification 
  • Switched careers (maybe more than once) 

Or, maybe you’ve taken another popular approach and you’ve gone on lots of vacations, dropped large sums of money on fancy dinners, festivals, or nights out – all with the intention to “escape” from your day-to-day life. 

(No shade thrown. This was 100% how I dealt with my own stress of being out of alignment, for years.)

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the finer things. It’s a matter of energetics:

Where are you coming from when you make that purchase and is the purpose to enhance or cope?

What we've been led to believe:

If we create (financial) success, happiness will follow.

Being grateful for what we have, means we can’t want more. 

We should put the work in now so that we can enjoy life, later. 

Happiness is measured by experiences, achievements, and accolades.

You’re here because you know, if you want to fully embody and enjoy your most successful life, you are going to need a new approach.

You’re ready to go beyond success, reconnect with your deeper purpose, and create a life of complete alignment.

Not just a life that looks good on paper but one that lights up every cell in your being. 

You have no problem achieving external success. 

Now, you are ready to do it while:

Connecting to your purpose

Making an impact

Caring about your work

Having energy to do more of the things that you love

 Feeling appreciated for your talents

Living a passionate and vibrant life

A program that helps women who have reached a career crossroads, harness their own inner clarity and step into their power, so that they can navigate next steps and create what they want with ease and confidence.

An 8-week program that helps women who have reached a career crossroads, harness their own inner clarity and step into their power, so that they can navigate next steps and create what they want with ease and confidence.

This program creates real and lasting change by guiding you to...


Get to know the real you
Your own true essence. Not who you were taught to be to be successful, not who your parents expect you to be, and not who you are to your boss or your clients.

Build confidence and find clarity by strengthening your inner wisdom
When you connect with your own inner knowing it’s an unlimited source of deep inner confidence that supports you in fully showing up for your goals. 

Create intentional alignment in your life
Incorporating everything you know about yourself and intentionally living your daily life in a way that feels vibrant and alive while supporting your long-term goals.

Take aligned action
Not just action for actions sake. Not the “next most logical step”. Taking bold action from a place of deep inner confidence.

Take Refuge in Community
A place where you can find true connection with other women who are on the same page as you. This isn’t just networking or another place to perform. This is a place for deep soul connections that support you on every level.

Look at everything you're about to leave behind

  • Disconnection from your greater purpose 
  • Uncertainty about your next move
  • Feeling like you aren't living up to your potential
  • The same old stale routine

In 8 weeks, you will begin to see a new side of yourself that is so vibrant and secure in who she is.

You’ll learn to trust your inner knowing and release self-judgement.

Doors will open for you as you overcome patterns that have held you back from your deepest desires.

You’ll expand your vision for what’s possible for your life.

What makes the Beyond Successful Woman program different?


A blend of inner and outer work
This program combines personal development with real-life practical experiments and action so that you can create tangible and lasting transformation in your life. 

Join a supportive community of women who are all following the call to live their most purposeful and passionate lives.

A sustainable approach that sticks
Learn powerful skillsets that you can apply to all areas of your life during and beyond the program.

Quick wins and gradual growth
Experience shifts to your daily life that add up to massive change. 

Live coaching support when you need it
Join weekly live calls for support as you work through the program at your own pace.


Meet your coach, Sara Andersun.

Sara supports ambitious professionals as they create lives that are meaningful, intentional, and full of passion. She loves to work with women who have a greater vision for their lives and are committed to bringing it forward.

Sara’s background is in tech, growing startups in Silicon Valley. In her work she distills years of experience transforming her own life from burnout to intentional alignment. She also leverages her training as a coach and mindfulness teacher to help other women shortcut the process to a vibrant and fulfilling life. Her work proves that there is a new way to be successful that allows you to be authentic, passionate, and live with ease.

Sara currently lives in northern California with her partner, Jeremy, and their playful Puggle. Her work has been featured in Glamour Magazine, Elephant Journal, Elpha, and Thrive Global.

“Sara is AMAZING. I just did one of her programs, and her insight is so spot-on. She’s incredibly intuitive with her coaching, and was able to put into words things I had been feeling for awhile but hadn’t for the words for yet. If anyone is looking to figure out next life/career steps, seriously consider her work. “

– Caithlin M.

This program is built on the belief that...

No matter how much external success you create, if you aren’t feeling fulfilled, connected, and stimulated, you aren’t going to experience the happiness that is your birthright.

Old Success Way: Searching for the next best external change or upgrade, or distracting yourself from feelings of discontent. 

New Success Way: Doing the inner work to come into authentic alignment so that you can have deeper life satisfaction and the inner confidence to go after whatever is in your heart.

What's included...

Live weekly interactive coaching calls.

Work at your own pace, modules.

Private, supportive community of like-minded women.

A step-by-step process to transform your life.

Lifetime access to all of the above. 

Doors officially open on September 22, 2021

Early Bird Bonuses

60 min. 1:1 VIP onboarding coaching call

During this call you will get tailored coaching to set you up to get the most out of your experience in the program. 

*Available to the first 5 women who join.

3 conscious working sessions

Each session starts with a guided visualization designed to get you into the flow followed by heads-down work time for you to complete your own work or work through a module of the program.

90 min. transformational breathwork experience

Breathwork is a powerful tool to work through blocks and promote creativity. Join a private group breathwork session, designed to support your growth and insights in the program.

Beyond Success Story - Allie

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“This program is advantageous to anyone looking to realign their actions and career with their values and goals, but particularly to individuals who chose their career early on in their secondary education experience and are reconsidering their future in it. I wish I had access to something like this program in my first couple of years of college so I could be sure my life decisions truly encompassed my values and long-term goals. I’m just grateful it was something I could invest in now, and I look forward to seeing the positive changes continue as I incorporate these new goals towards my dream life!”

– Allie

You can enroll today for:


$997 USD

One time, paid in full


$997 USD


$347 USD

Each month, for 3 months


$1041 USD

You are here for a reason

There’s something stirring inside of you. 

A call for more. 

A yearning for meaning and impact. 

You are ready for a full and vibrant life.  

One where you don’t sacrifice enjoyment for success.

There is a knowing within you.

It’s telling you: your vision is bigger.

It’s time to show up courageously for yourself. 

For those of you who feel the call, deep down in your gut.

It’s time.

If you have any questions that are not answered here and would like to chat before hopping in, please send me an email at sara@saraandersun.com or DM me on instagram @saraandersun and I will be happy to support you in making a powerful decision about whether or not this is the program for you.