Hi, I’m Sara.

I wake up every day, lit up by the fact that it’s my job to facilitate transformational experiences, support my clients as they step into their greatness, cultivate my personal growth, and make an impact.

My life wasn’t always so vibrant. It took experiencing physical burnout in my fast-paced startup career, to inspire me to get intentional about my life. I learned how to create deep freedom, balance, and fulfillment, from the inside out. 

I went from chasing a cookie-cutter version of success and never feeling satisfied, to redefining what is most important to me, and taking complete ownership of my life.

It wasn’t always easy, but I fell in love with the inner work that has provided me with more freedom than any plane ticket ever did. Now I have the honor of blending these skills with my professional background to support others in transforming their lives, careers, and businesses. 

Living your most vibrant and inspired life is one of the most beautiful ways to make an impact on the world.


My influences

My influences include mindfulness-based studies, eastern philosophy, western and holistic psychology, and modern-day neuroscience. I approach everything with curiosity and compassion and I invite my clients to do the same. This opens up new roadways, insights, and creative opportunities that help them to get unstuck.

Connection is such an important part of the human experience especially during times of immense growth, which is why I cultivate nourishing spaces for my clients to be in community with one another. Currently, I am studying under Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach for the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley Mindfulness Teacher Certification and in Alyssa Nobriga’s Institute of Coaching Mastery, for my Certificate in Coaching Mastery.

Beyond the sessions
One of the first things that I explore with my clients is personal values. I find that values are an important personal compass and they tell you a lot about a person. My top 5 values are: Authenticity, Connection, Integrity, Adventure/Freedom, and Growth, and I prioritize those things in all areas of my life. 

When I’m not supporting clients, hosting workshops, or wearing out a whiteboard, I’m enjoying the sunshine in my (new) hometown of Morgan Hill, Ca., where I live with my partner and our puggle. I love a good dance party, deep conversation, and am always up for an adventure. 

– Sara

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